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In March 2015, I spoke at a New America Foundation seminar in New York City on the issue of the need for a new social contract, given the invasiveness and pervasiveness of the Internet in our every day lives. The video below is of the entire panel session.

In August 2013, I was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in Berlin, Germany. The Internet Hall of Fame was founded in 2012 by the Internet Society and contains at present about 80 members. The video below is of my acceptance speech.

In April 2002 my colleague Alan Greenberg and I were in Sri Lanka on an assignment, and our late colleague V. J. Samaranayake introduced us to the renown science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke. Arthur was intrigued with the Intrnet, and he agreed to talk with us and tape an interview that would eventually be shown at INET92, the annual conference of the Internet Society. The video is in four chained parts on YouTube. Apparently because of licensing agreements, it must be accessed directly from a browser. The first part can be accessed at .

In January 2017, Milton Mueller and I were interviewed by C-SPAN while participating in the 2017 State of the Net Conference in Washington, DC. I thought that the interviewer was particularly thoughtful, and it gave me an opportunity to reflect on some issues. The video is below:

In May 2017 I attended my class reunion at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Reunion Committee published a specialbook with essays from 140 of our classmates; I contributed one of thei on information technology. The Reunion Committee alo created a number of videos from classmates who reminisced about aspects of their lives. I was the subject of one of the videos, and it is below:

On June 24, 2015 I was on the first panel discussion at the CIRA (Canadian Internet Registry) Conference in Ottawa, Canada.; its theme was 2015: A Year of Change for Internet Governance. Below is the video of the panel session:

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