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George Sadowsky is a well-known expert in Internet and computing and economic simulation, and an authority on academic and research computing and the use of information technology for social and economic development. He is the former Executive Director of the GIPI, the Global Internet Policy Initiative, with projects in many transition countries to bring multiple sectors of society together to evolve Internet policy, regulation and legislation for the benefit of the country. He founded and directed the Internet Society's series of network technology workshops for students from developing countires, which resulted in thousands of students being trained in Internet fundamentals, network creation, content provision, and national network management. He is the editor of and lead contributor to the World Bank's Information Technology Security Handbook that has been distributed worldwide, as well as the editor and lead author of the World Wide Web Foundations recent seminal publication, Accelerating Development Using the Web: Empowering Poor and Marginalized Populations.

A preeminent initial contributor to the use of computing and networking technology for development. Sadowsky has worked in more than 50 developing countries on issues interrelating economics, technology, management and policy. In recognition of his pathbreaking work, Sadowsky was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame soon after it was established.

For the last six years, Sadowsky has been a member of the Board of Directors of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the not-for-profit organization that administers Internet Protocol numbers and the Domain Name System. Previously he was a pioneer member of the Internet Society and a member of its Board of Trustees for seven years during its formative period.

Sadowsky has spoken at many events for a wide range of organizations in more than thirty countries. His previous presentation topics are listed here.

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